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Gabriel Wicke <gwicke@wikimedia.org>
Subramanya Sastry <ssastry@wikimedia.org>
Mark Holmquist <mtraceur@member.fsf.org>
C. Scott Ananian <cscott@cscott.net>
Robert Smith <rsmith@wikimedia.org>
Adam Wight <awight@wikimedia.org>
Marc Ordinas i Llopis <marcoil@wikimedia.org>
Arlo Breault <abreault@wikimedia.org>
Catrope <roan@wikimedia.org>
Brion Vibber <brion@wikimedia.org>
plancalculus <jan@monoid-it.de>
Jeff Evans <wayne.mokane+github@gmail.com>
Siebrand Mazeland <s.mazeland@xs4all.nl>
Aaron Schulz <aschulz@wikimedia.org>
Antoine Musso <hashar@free.fr>
Luke Welling <lwelling@wikimedia.org>
Neil Kandalgaonkar <neilk@wikimedia.org>
Antoine Musso <hashar@wikimedia.org>
Trevor Parscal <trevor@wikimedia.org>
Timo Tijhof <ttijhof@wikimedia.org>
Inez Korczyński <inez@wikia-inc.com>
Molly White <molly.white5@gmail.com>
Audrey Tang (au) <audreyt@audreyt.org>
Reedy <reedy@wikimedia.org>
MZMcBride <w@mzmcbride.com>
Ori Livneh <ori.livneh@gmail.com>
Adam Baso <abaso@wikimedia.org>
YuviPanda <yuvipanda@gmail.com>

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